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Our Hiring Process


1. Applying for a Job

The intensive screening process starts during the online application. The applicant will have to fill out detailed information form, and this is where we filter out most of the job applicants for TidyHere. They have to make it through this part of the process to move on to any of the additional steps.


2. Talking on the Phone

The next step is to have a phone call with the applicant. We’ll learn more about them, why they want the job, and if they have any qualifications. We’ll get to know them a little bit as a person during this part of the process and decide from there if we want them to move on to the next step.


3. Meeting with the Applicant

From there, it’s time for a face to face meeting. We will get to know the applicant a little bit more and ask them questions that help us determine if they are a good fit for us. We have a prepared list of questions that we go over, and if we receive the right answers, the applicant will move on to the next step.


4. Learning the Ropes

Next up is orientation. It’s time for the TidyHere applicant to learn the ropes and spend some time in our offices learning where everything is. They’ll be right alongside the rest of our team, seeing how our people operate and what our day-to-day activity is like. This orientation process is a chance for our team to get to know them and for them to know our team. They’re still being monitored closely at this point to assess how well they fit with our company.


5. Checking the Background

The final step of the process is to perform a background check on the applicant. We want to look for any issues that might be present in relevant databases. We are very careful about who we choose for our team, and we want to make sure that our customers can feel safe with whoever comes into their home to clean. The background check is an essential part of ensuring high standards for our company and making sure we didn’t miss anything during the screening process. There are things that might show up during this step that we might miss during the other steps.

Trusted and Vetted Cleaners

We know our customers are concerned about who is coming into their home and cleaning for them. That’s why we carefully vet each and every team member that is part of the TidyHere crew. We don’t choose just anybody to include in our professional cleaning team. We’re looking for people who have very high standards, just like us.

Our screening process is a lengthy one, but we think it’s worth the extra effort to ensure that our customers can have peace of mind about who’s cleaning for them. Of course, we also want to feel good about who we’re hiring to work for TidyHere. Only the very best will do, since we know it’s our reputation on the line every time we send out our cleaning experts to do a job. We want to hear a great report about the work they’ve done, and that means training them extensively, but it also means picking the right people.

We want to walk you through our 5-step screening process for all cleaners. That way, you’ll understand what each of our cleaners has to go through, and you can feel better about who you’ve hired to come clean in your home.


If you have the skills, drive and passion for cleaning, you will have endless opportunities with us. Join our TidyHere team now!

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