Do You Tip House Cleaners?

Do You Tip House Cleaners?

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Many people who take advantage of house cleaning services are unsure of the tipping etiquette. While you don’t want to insult your dedicated house cleaners if a tip is expected, you also don’t want to reward poor workmanship. House cleaners do not expect customers to tip them, but they do appreciate it.

Just as other professional service providers receive tips for their efforts, many people reward their house cleaners in the same way. With a deeper look at why people tip house cleaners and how much they tip, you can feel more confident about how you show appreciation and reward great service from your cleaning company.

Why Tip House Cleaners?

Tipping has been common in the service industry for hundreds of years. Traditionally, tips are paid to hotel and restaurant staff, stylists and others. However, now it seems like everyone expects a tip even if they did little or nothing to serve you.

House cleaners work hard providing you with an important service and ensuring your complete satisfaction. Through their hard work, you can save time and energy on a regular basis, and you can enjoy a healthy home environment. Tipping shows your appreciation for their efforts. It is also used to reward work that is above and beyond what is expected.

Some house cleaning companies have a no-tipping policy. These companies may charge a higher service fee. In other cases, tipping is encouraged if you are satisfied with the work. Some companies pay a lower hourly rate to their cleaners to keep their customers’ cleaning fees competitive, so tips are important to the cleaners’ livelihoods.

How Much to Tip Your House Cleaner?

Tipping for house cleaning services follows the same standard as tipping your waitstaff at a restaurant. As a rule of thumb, consider tipping 15% to 20%.

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An alternative is to offer a flat amount, such as $10 to $15. Your cleaners will split the tip equally. If you choose to tip your house cleaner, should you pay with cash or a credit card? Most people choose to simply add the tip to their regular payment, but you can tip with cash if you prefer to do so.

How Often Do You Tip a Cleaning Service?

Do you tip house cleaners every time? Cleaning services are available at different intervals, such as weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and as needed. If a different team of cleaners works in your home with each service, tipping cleaners on a per-visit basis ensures that each cleaner receives a portion of the tip provided.

If the same team visits your home regularly, a monthly tip may be more convenient for you.

Other Ways to Appreciate Your Cleaners

While a cash tip is a common way to show appreciation, other methods are available for you to consider. In some cases, a cash tip is provided in combination with these other methods.

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A few heartfelt words of thanks at the end of a service can be meaningful to your cleaners. You could also write a few words of gratitude in a thank you card.

Positive reviews, such as on the company’s website or social media, are also appreciated by house cleaners. Other ideas are recommendations to your friends and neighbors as well as holiday gifts. Holiday gifts can range from cash and gift cards to gift baskets and more.


Should You Tip House Cleaners for a One-Time Cleaning?

Regardless of whether house cleaners visit your home one time or on a regular basis, you are not expected to tip them. If you choose to tip them, it is appropriate to tip your cleaners after a one-time visit as well as after each recurring visit or on a monthly basis. In some cases, a one-time cleaning is far more intensive than a regular cleaning. For example, a one-time deep cleaning service covers many tasks that are not part of a routine cleaning session.

Do You Tip a House Cleaner Who Owns Her Own Business?

Often, people do not tip independent house cleaners. One reason for this is because the house cleaner gets the full amount that you pay rather than splitting your service payment between the company and the cleaners. On the other hand, cleaners at an agency get paid hourly and do not receive the full amount that you pay. While an independent house cleaner receives the full payment, she typically has overhead and will appreciate a tip. Tipping is always at your discretion.

How Do You Tip Multiple Cleaners?

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Generally, you tip multiple cleaners in the same way that you tip one cleaner. The same rate of 15% to 20% or $15 to $20 is appropriate for a tip. The cleaners will share the tip provided. Often, customers will tip multiple cleaners on a monthly basis if the same cleaners clean the home each time. However, if a different group of cleaners arrives for each service, tipping after each service is appropriate.

When you schedule Tidy Here cleaning serving Boston and surrounding communities, your house cleaners will not expect a tip. However, they are always thrilled to receive tips and other shows of appreciation. Whether you choose to tip or not, you can expect a perfectly cleaned house each time we visit. Book your next Tidy Here service today.