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Is There a Correct Order to Clean Your Home?

When you clean your home, do your struggle to figure out where to start or how to clean more efficiently? That’s okay, we’ve all been there and taken our time to figure out what works and what doesn’t. A little nudge in the right direction can help anyone accomplish their cleaning goals around the house. Here are our suggestions for cleaning your whole home as efficiently as possible.

Getting Started

Woman cleaning shelf with rag

Before you set off on your cleaning journey through your home, let us point you in the right direction. The order in which you decide to clean the rooms of your home is ultimately up to you, but to make the whole job easier we suggest working from top to bottom. Whether that means starting on the second floor or dusting ceiling fixtures depends on the layout of your home, but no matter what, work your way down. You’ll also want to start by tidying as much as possible in each room. That usually entails picking up garbage, filling your laundry hampers, and just generally putting things in the rooms they belong in. This shouldn’t take too long and will help you in the long run as you work from room to room when cleaning.

Long Tasks First

Mother and child girl little helper loading washing machine

The next thing to do before starting on the individual rooms is to start the tasks that require more time to work. This includes tasks like starting a load of laundry, loading and turning on the dishwasher, spraying stain treatment spray so that it has time to set, and pouring toilet cleaner into each toilet. Because each of these tasks requires time to work and finish their jobs, you should always start each cleaning process by doing these tasks. When loading, turning on, or spraying you’re giving yourself more time to get some cleaning done because these tasks take the longest. As they each finish their cleaning cycles and you finish cleaning a room, you can take a moment to change laundry to the dryer and start washing a new load or scrub the stain before the spray dries and then move to the next room on the list. But what room do you start in?

Work Smart

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The suggested order to clean the rooms in your home is bathrooms, bedrooms, laundry/mudrooms/closets, living room, and finally kitchens. Most professionals recommend starting with bathrooms and ending with the kitchen, but the order in which you clean is really up to you. The cleaning process is generally the same for each room, except the bathrooms and kitchen which both require a few extra steps to clean, and you can easily choose to clean room by room or even task by task depending on what works best for you and your home. Here is a general list of the tasks that should be completed in each room in the order they should be completed for efficiency:

Bathrooms & Kitchen

Cleaning the bathroom can be tedious and almost always takes the longest, and that’s why professionals recommend they be cleaned first. They are also the rooms that require the most disinfecting, so there should be a lot of attention to detail when you clean in here. Take the time to really focus on the things that need it like toothbrush holders, cups, the sink and faucet, and the shower or bathtub. As with every room, you’ll also want to disinfect light switches and high-touch surfaces so that germs and bacteria are kept at bay.

Woman cleaning with disinfectant and gloves at home

Kitchens, like bathrooms, are time-consuming to clean. While many professionals suggest that the kitchen should be the last room you clean in your home if you would prefer to clean the bathroom and then the kitchen before moving on to the rest of the home you can. When you clean the kitchen, you should make sure all the counters and every surface where food preparation happens are cleaned thoroughly and disinfected. You can also take time to clean your fridge and oven and empty out any old and expired food to be thrown away when you’re all done.

Now that you have an idea of where to start when you clean your home and how to get the job done right, you’re ready to roll. Remember to always work high to low in every room of the house so that every surface is left spotless, leaving your home refreshed and ready for whatever may come. Do you have any tips and tricks that make cleaning the house a breeze? Reach out and tell us all about them, we love to hear about all the ways you make cleaning fun and easy. If you’re lost and need a little extra guidance when getting your home in order, that’s okay! Check out our website for some amazing cleaning in Boston. We have a variety of services that can fit any home on any schedule, contact us today to find out how we can help you!