What Is Oxygen Bleach?

What Is Oxygen Bleach?

What is Oxybleach and How to Use It Tidyhere Infographic

Chlorine bleach is a common household cleaning product, offering both whitening and disinfectant properties. It is often used to clean tile, sinks, toilets, counters and other surfaces.

Chlorine bleach also is used to brighten whites and fight stains in the laundry. However, this is a harsh chemical that has negative effects on health and the environment, and it should be used with great care.

While you might assume that oxygen bleach is comparable to chlorine bleach in all ways, it actually is a natural alternative that is gentler and safer to use in your home.

What is Oxygen Bleach?

Oxygen bleach is a natural product that stands apart from chlorine bleach with its active ingredient. The active ingredient in oxygen bleach is sodium percarbonate, and the active ingredient in chlorine bleach is sodium hypochrlorite.

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How Does Oxygen Bleach Work? When sodium percarbonate is exposed to water, it breaks down to create hydrogen peroxide and sodium carbonate. If water heated to more than 40 degrees Celsius is added to sodium percarbonate, this cleaning agent becomes an effective disinfectant and a tough stain remover.

After oxygen bleach breaks down into hydrogen peroxide, the hydrogen peroxide turns into an oxidizing agent that tackles laundry stains without causing discoloration that ruins clothing.

Is Oxygen Bleach Better Than Chlorine Bleach?

While chlorine bleach is a powerful cleaning agent, it is harmful to the environment and has negative effects on health. In addition, it discolors rugs, carpets, colored clothes and other surfaces, making them irreparably ruined. In some cases, it actually has a yellowing effect on white items.

Oxygen bleach is a natural product that doesn’t harm the environment. It is effective at fighting blood, grease, red wine, fruit, coffee and tea stains. In addition, oxygen bleach is color safe, so it can remove stains on items that are not suitable for cleaning with chlorine bleach.

What Are the Benefits and Uses of Oxygen Bleach?

Oxygen bleach is an effective cleaner that has applications for laundry as well as cleaning interior and exterior areas of the home. When diluting oxygen bleach, keep in mind that it will lose its cleaning and whitening power over a period of hours. With this in mind, you’ll need to create a new batch of diluted oxygen bleach with each cleaning session.

How to Use Oxygen Bleach in Laundry

Add one to two tablespoons of oxygen bleach to a full load of laundry to fight odors, remove stains and brighten clothes. You can also apply a small amount of diluted oxygen bleach directly to tough stains before running a load of laundry.What is Oxybleach and How to Use It Tidyhere Image of Mother and Child Loading Washing MachineTo maximize oxygen bleach’s whitening and deodorizing properties, run the laundry as usual until it reaches the soak cycle. Stop the washing machine and add three tablespoons of oxygen bleach to the load. Let the laundry soak undisturbed for several hours before turning the washing machine on again.

Uses of Oxygen Bleach Inside the Home

Make a batch of diluted oxygen bleach to clean tiles, sinks and toilets. For tough stains, add enough water to make a paste. Allow the paste to remain in place for a few hours before scrubbing and rinsing the surfaces clean.

For weekly cleaning, combine a liter of hot water with two to four tablespoons of oxygen bleach. If you need to soak a dirty or smelly item, add up to eight tablespoons of oxygen bleach for every liter of hot water. You can also use diluted oxygen bleach to disinfect cleaning supplies, clean the fridge and tackle dirty trash cans.

Uses of Oxygen Bleach Outdoors

Oxygen bleach is an excellent product to use for cleaning fences, decks, backyard, patios, and patio furniture. To clean your fence, spray down the wood slats and posts with fresh water. Then, apply diluted oxygen bleach with a paint brush. Let the solution remain on the fence for five to 15 minutes before rinsing the fence with your garden house. For decks, backyard, patios and outdoor furniture, spray diluted oxygen bleach on the surfaces.

Allow the solution to remain on the surfaces for 30 minutes before rinsing it off. If the solution starts to dry before 30 minutes have passed, respray them to keep them moist.


Can I Use Bleach and Oxygen Bleach Together?

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If you combine oxygen bleach with chlorine bleach, the two active ingredients produce a reaction that essentially blocks their cleaning and disinfecting power.

While oxygen bleach can create hazardous fumes when mixed with ammonia and other cleaning products, oxygen bleach generally can be mixed with many other cleaning products. However, always read labels before mixing any cleaning products.

Is Oxygen Bleach Non Toxic?

Oxygen bleach is a natural, non-toxic cleaning product that also can brighten surfaces and remove stains. It does not produce toxic odors, and it is safe for the environment. Because of these factors, it is a superior cleaning product for indoor and outdoor cleaning. However, oxygen bleach should be stored in a safe place where children and pets cannot access it.

When Should You Not Use Oxygen Bleach?

While oxygen bleach is safe to use with many materials and surfaces, it can damage some materials. Do not use oxygen bleach on wool or silk clothing. Read the labels on all items for specific care instructions before using oxygen bleach.

To ensure that oxygen bleach is safe for your home surfaces and laundry, always test a small area before applying oxygen bleach to the entire surface.

Oxygen bleach is just one of several safer and healthier options to clean your home. Our Boston cleaners consistently produce immaculate results for our customers without introducing harsh chemicals to their living spaces. Contact Tidyhere today to learn more about our cleaning services and to schedule an appointment for your home.