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Are you concerned about the impact you are having on the environment and worried that your home cleaning professionals might not be using environmentally friendly cleaning products? At TidyHere, we offer green cleaning solutions for all of our cleaning services. We are committed to protecting the environment, and it shows in the cleaning techniques and cleaning tools that we use.

Green Cleaning Solutions

ItThe cleaning chemicals that we use are certified as environmentally safe, as they contain no harmful components when it comes to their effect on the environment, making them incredibly safe for not just the environment but also for your family. You can feel safe in your home after we have cleaned and sanitized it, knowing that our cleaning solutions contain no carcinogens and other dangerous particles that could contribute to long-term health problems.

What You Won’t Find in Our Cleaners

We try to be environmentally conscious and do our part to protect the environment and our customers. To that end, we carefully select cleaning products that reflect our values for quality, effectiveness, and environmental safety. This means that the cleaners we use contain little to none of the following components that have been classified as potentially harmful to the environment:

  • Heavy metals
  • BPA
  • Phthalates

We also make sure that we are not being wasteful, as we use refillable bottles, so we aren’t causing plastic wastage. We prefer to use pump sprays as opposed to aerosols to keep chemicals out of the air. All cleaning products we use are disposed of in a way that is safe and according to industry standards.

We use recyclable product packaging where possible to conserve resources and do our part to cut down on harmful emissions.

A Company That Cares

We train our cleaning team members on the proper usage of chemicals for the work we do. That way, they know how to be safe when they are working and minimize any harmful contact. They know how to use appropriate cleaning solutions for each job to reduce wastage and to provide the most effective cleaning services.

We ensure that our cleaning team conserves resources and that all of our cleaning practices meet or exceeds EPA regulations and workplace safety requirements. By being safe and taking proper precautions, we keep costs down, manage resources well, and prevent waste as much as possible.

Your home may require powerful cleaning agents, if it hasn’t been professionally and thoroughly cleaned in a while. If that’s the case, we may have to use cleaning agents that are not as mild as what we normally would use, but that would just be for the initial cleaning. With more regular cleaning, we can switch to less potent cleaning methods and just maintain a high standard of cleanliness in your home with milder cleaning agents.

If you want a cleaning company that is as concerned about protecting the environment as you are, then give us a call. We guarantee your satisfaction.

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