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Moving day can be a lot of work and stress, with plenty of planning to do. There are so many moving parts for you to consider, and you probably have quite the checklist to handle as you are getting ready to move. Why not leave the cleaning to the professionals for this big day?

Moving Out Cleaning

Are you ready for moving day? You’re getting ready to move out of one home and move into another. Perhaps you are planning to head across the country to your new home, and you have all sorts of details to take care of during the process. You may not have time to clean up your home and get it ready to resale. Why worry about that when you have the professional TidyHere cleaning service at your disposal?

Our expert cleaning team can take care of all the scrubbing, sweeping, mopping, dusting, vacuuming, window washing and other household chores that need to be done. When you move your furniture out and appliances out, there may be some stains left behind, or you may have piles of dirt or debris to contend with. Leave all that to us and don’t get overwhelmed by moving day.

Moving In Cleaning

Before you move in to your new home, you will want to make sure it is tidy and safe. There may be germs and bacteria lurking on countertops and doorknobs, as well as other surfaces. There may be dirt and dust in the carpets or stains on the floor. We can clean all of that up for you, performing a deep and thorough cleaning of your new home before you settle in.

You should have a move in cleaning done before you start setting up furniture and bring your belongings into the home. That way, the house will be clear for us to clean properly and easily. Then, once it has all been sanitized and beautified, it will be ready for you and your family to bring in all of their things.

You might not feel comfortable in your new home until it has been cleaned well. Until that happens, you might be wondering what germs are hiding on the surfaces and what pests are making themselves comfortable in the cubbyholes. We can give you peace of mind with a detailed cleaning of your new home. Moving in is a lot of work, so leave the house cleaning to us while you arrange the other details.

End of Lease Cleaning

As you prepare to move out of an apartment, you have to consider if the apartment will be clean enough to meet your landlord’s approval. Will it be up to the landlord’s standards so that you can get the security deposit back? That deposit can help you with the expense of moving to a new place or putting a deposit down on your next apartment. If the home is not cleaned like it should be, then you may only get a partial refund back or none at all.

Our professional home cleaning services can clean better than you would be able to clean on your own. The powerful, effective cleaners that we use are able to remove stains and stuck on grime that conventional cleaners might not be able to handle. We can clean in all of those places that are difficult to reach and do the cleaning you might not have the time or energy for as you prepare for moving out.

If you want the best possible chance of getting your security deposit back, give us a call and let us help you prepare the apartment for your departure and your landlord’s inspection. We are the ones to call for moving day. We offer flexible hours and guarantee customer satisfaction.

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