The Easy Way to Deep Clean a Bathtub

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The Easy Way to Deep Clean a Bathtub

Keeping your bathtub as clean as you would like it to be can be a frustrating experience. Unfortunately, no matter how hard you scrub the tub, it may still accumulate various types of scum and filth over time if you do not use the right cleaning techniques. In fact, limescale, soap scum and hard water residue are problematic in many homes.

Unfortunately, there is not a single cleaning solution that works for all situations. One reason for this is because there are several different types of tubs, and the cleaning approach that is right from some tub materials varies from others. You understandably do not want to spend your valuable team scrubbing the tub longer and harder than necessary. What do you need to know to make light work of this important cleaning task?

Cleaning an Acrylic Bathtub

The sleek, shiny surface that makes an acrylic tub look clean and new can unfortunately be stripped away when you use harsh chemical cleaners. You can protect the finish on an acrylic bathtub by using effective cleaning products that you may already have in your kitchen. These products include lemon juice, baking soda and dish soap.

Simply combine an equal mixture of dish soap and baking soda in a bowl. Mix these products until a thick foam develops. Then, add a small amount of lemon juice to the mixture. Use a clean sponge to apply the mixture to the bathtub. After allowing this mixture to remain on the sides and floor of the tub for at least 30 minutes, use a clean sponge and fresh water to scrub the surfaces. After cleaning, rinse the tub clean. Avoid cleaning an acrylic bathtub with harsh chemical products or vinegar.

Cleaning a Fiberglass or Porcelain Bathtub

While vinegar should not be used to clean an acrylic tub, its acidic and disinfectant properties are perfect for tackling tough messes on fiberglass and porcelain tubs. Combine two parts of water with one part of white vinegar in a bowl. To cut the strong smell of vinegar, you can add a few drops of lemon juice to the mix. Using a spray bottle, apply the solution to the tub’s interior. After letting the mist sit on the tub for at least 20 minutes, use a clean sponge to scrub the grime off of the tub. Rinse the tub clean to finish the job.

If your tub is very dirty, some grime may remain after you take these steps. If this is the case, you can repeat the process. However, this time, add baking soda to the mixture. Then, allow the mixture to remain on the tub for an hour before scrubbing and rinsing the surface again.

Tackling Mold and Mildew

Have you noticed mold or mildew growing in the corners of the tub or on the main surfaces of the tub? You can efficiently remove this unsightly grime with minimal effort by using the right strategy. One of the best cleaning products to use for this type of project is a toilet bowl cleaning gel that contains bleach. This type of product will coat the mold and break it down effectively. Depending on the level of grime in place, you should allow the gel to sit on the mold or mildew for anywhere from one to several hours. After time has elapsed, use a bristle brush to scrub the mold or mildew away. Then, rinse the cleaning product and grime away. You can repeat this process as necessary until the area is completely clean.

When and How to Clean with Bleach

Bleach is an effective cleaning and disinfecting product that many people prefer to clean with. While it can be used safely to clean porcelain and fiberglass tubs, you should not apply it to an acrylic tub. To effectively clean your bathtub with bleach, combine a gallon of warm water with a half-cup of pure bleach. Put on cleaning gloves to protect your hands. Then, apply the solution to the tub using a clean sponge. After 10 minutes, use the sponge to scrub surfaces until the grime has been removed. Rinse the tub thoroughly once it is cleaned to your satisfaction.

You may be inclined to use store-bought cleaning products that contain caustic ingredients. After all, cleaning the tub is a major chore, and these products will seemingly make lighter work for you. In reality, these products may damage the tub as well as the pipes. As an alternative, use one of these effective cleaning methods to strip away the grime on your tub without causing damage. Do you need help getting your home as clean as you want it to be? Maid services provided by TidyHere can deliver the results you expect without the hassle. To learn more about our professional maid services, contact our team at TidyHere today.