Why and How to Deep Clean Your Bathroom

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Why and How to Deep Clean Your Bathroom

Keeping up with cleaning all the bathrooms in your home is almost never a task you look forward to. Even though it is an important part of every home’s cleaning routine, it can often feel like a tedious and never-ending fight to keep your bathrooms clean. Here are a few reasons to keep your bathrooms clean, and a few tips and tricks to help you when you clean.

Why Should You Clean the Bathroom Regularly?

Children are brushing their teeth in the bathroom at home

The bathroom is one of the germiest rooms in the entire home and it is a universal struggle to keep it under control. Unfortunately, no matter how deep you clean, the germs and bacteria will always return. Every flush of the toilet releases a new layer of bacteria and waste particles around the room and even the sink faucets we touch to wash it away can transfer it back to our hands.

The more frequently a bathroom is used, the more germs and bacteria will accumulate on the surfaces within it. This includes the countertops and everything stored on it like cups, toothbrushes, hairbrushes, and makeup. Imagine all of the bacteria buildup on the items you use daily and let that remind you why cleaning your bathroom is so important. And don’t forget that at the end of the day, a tidy space makes for a tidy mind.

When is the Best Time to Clean Your Bathroom?

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Now that you know why you need to be keeping your bathroom clean and where most of the bacteria within it comes from, let’s talk about how often to clean it. Our best suggestion to stay on top of bacteria accumulation in the bathroom, and other high traffic areas around the home, is by disinfecting with a spray or wipe daily. While daily disinfecting may seem excessive, it will be highly beneficial in the long run and you may even find that you and your family seem to get sick less often. Be sure to maintain a thorough cleaning routine in the bathrooms of your home above all else. Here is our suggested timeline for bathroom cleaning:

  • Daily: disinfect
  • Every other day: change and wash the towels
  • 1-2 times a week: clean the toilet and sink
  • Every other week: mop the floor and  clean the tub  or shower
  • A few times a month: full bathroom deep clean

How to Keep Your Bathroom Clean

man with son cleaning bathroom toilet

Knowing why and how often to clean your bathroom is just the tip of the iceberg, next step in the journey is the actual cleaning process. When you enter the bathroom, you have a general idea of what needs cleaning and how often to clean, so you can work from there. If you struggle with finding the best ways to clean or if you a set cleaning routine in your bathroom and want to know how to elevate it, here are a few of our best practices for cleaning:

  • The toilet: Toilets are one of the biggest sources of bacteria in the bathroom, so regular cleaning with a bleach based toilet cleaner is one of the best recommended practices. We also suggest wiping the seat and lid with a disinfectant spray or wipe daily. Making a point to close the lid before flushing can minimize the amount of waste particles that enter the air and settle on the surfaces around the bathroom.
  • The sink: Much like the toilet, regular cleaning of the sink and the surfaces around it, including the mirror, can help keep bacteria and germ build up under control. Throughout the week make sure you disinfect the sink faucet and handles each day. You can also take care of the little everyday messes like toothpaste spills and stains on the mirror or hairs falling into the sink.
  • The tub or shower: Using a daily cleaning solution each time you shower or bathe can greatly impact the overall cleanliness of your bathroom. It is always a good idea to keep the shower or tub clear of hard water and soap stains as well as regularly de-clogging the drain of hair and debris. If the drain becomes clogged it can create musty odors and standing water and that’s never fun to deal with.
  • The linens and rugs: After each use of a towel, make sure it dries fully before using it again and be sure to wash your towels after about 3 or 4 uses. Bathmats should also be kept clean and dry so that they don’t smell like mildew or develop damp mold. One tip we like to share with our clients is to wash your shower curtains once a month to help maintain your bathroom’s freshness.

We hope these tips and tricks help you keep your bathrooms looking and feeling as clean as possible. If you feel like your bathroom needs a professional touch to get it up to snuff, don’t worry. You can check this out to find out how our cleaning services can help you. We can help you keep your bathroom clean and we can also help you tidy around your home for a cleaner and brighter feeling.