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Why Boston Should Be on Every Art Lover’s Bucket List

Art has always been a great way to be expressive and to bring people together. Some may not know this, but one of the best cities to experience a range of art styles and mediums is Boston, Massachusetts. This city is full of museums, galleries, and public displays and continues a long-standing tradition of fostering education and culture. Here are some of our favorite art spots and why we think Boston is every art lover’s paradise.

The Museum of Fine Arts

Interior of The Penny and Jeff Vinik Gallery at the MFA Boston, MA

Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts has been open to the public in its present location since 1909 and houses almost half a million pieces of art from around the world. The museum’s mission has always been to educate new and old art lovers alike and preserve their collections for future generations to experience. Not only is the museum home to thousands of art pieces, but the building itself is also a masterpiece as it is one of thirteen buildings around the world to receive an International Award for Architectural Excellence. Art lovers will have no shortage of reasons to explore the numerous exhibits within the museum.

There is Huge Financial Support for the Arts

Many up-and-coming artists rely on financial support from the city and from their community to create. The city of Boston has shown its support of artists by investing thousands of dollars in numerous arts organizations and artists. These investments have allowed the art culture within the city to grow and flourish while making room for new artists at the same time. Public investments in the city’s many arts programs and organizations demonstrate the popularity and support many artists are looking for from their communities and creates an environment which fosters creativity and opportunities for many art lovers.

The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, the courtyard

One of the most impressive and substantial private art collections in the United States is located at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. Gardner herself collected every piece of art and sculpture within the museum during her travels around the world and, following her husband’s death, designed and built the museum to house her collection. She funded and encouraged various displays of visual and performing arts at the museum during her lifetime, and even after her death in 1924 the tradition lives on through various community engagement programs. Gardner sought to bring global art to her community and did so in order to allow the public to enjoy and learn from the art that she had loved in life. Today, the museum strives to uphold her promise and goals to bring art and culture to the public in order to change their lives.

The Institute of Contemporary Art

Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

This museum was originally founded as the Boston Museum of Modern Art, a sister of New York’s Museum of Modern Art. In order to continue its mission of sharing innovative art and media, the museum separated from its New York counterpart in 1948 to become the Institute of Contemporary Art. The ICA maintains that its goal is to allow the public access to art and to educate through the artistic process. There is a near constant rotation of art displays of various media forms within the museum and it provides several programs and even internships to allow students of art and of life to learn more about creating and interpreting art. Any and all funding to the museum is returned directly to the many educational programs available to anyone looking to learn about the different forms art can take.

There is a Growing Community of New Artists

Not only is Boston a hub for history and art museums, but it is also a city designed for people of every background to enjoy and engage with through their passions and creativity. For a new or developing artist, anything can be a blank canvas and, within the city, there is no shortage of opportunities to create and execute their vision. Because Boston has provided both funding and opportunity to the arts community, it has grown and continues to grow and invite new artists to come and learn more about their passion for their work. Visual, performing, and interpretive artists alike have been welcomed in Boston and the community has become a center for the nurture and growth of new creators and visionaries.

The Canvas of Dewey Square

Dewey Square, Part of the Boston Greenway

Boston is known for its beautiful green spaces and public parks, these spaces are also home to various displays of modern street art. For lovers of street art, there is Dewey Square which is found along the Rose Kennedy Greenway. Public spaces have often been one of the best areas to find photographers and artists looking for their inspiration. Dewey Square provides a public space for enjoying food, drinks, and live entertainment with the backdrop of a beautiful mural on the wall of the neighboring building. This mural offers one of the largest canvases in the city and is cleared and repainted by a new artist twice a year for the public to admire. The city of Boston has provided its artists with a chance to create, and the public with a chance to admire and learn about the ways art can be made.

The Gallery at Liquid Art House

Dining room of the restaurant, Liquid Art House

Liquid Art House is both a restaurant and an art gallery designed to allow visitors a chance to engage with the visual arts. Its mission has been to bring fine dining and a love of art together in order to showcase culinary and mixology skills and their eye for contemporary art. They also strive to educate their patrons on the full creative process beginning with the artist’s vision to the exhibition of their work all while providing them with food that will fuel their own creative minds. There is a rotating exhibit on constant display for you to enjoy when you stop in for a high-quality meal that begs to be considered art itself. Make sure you check their website for any upcoming exhibitions and stop by for a chance to experience creativity on a culinary level.

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