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How to Clean a Blackstone Griddle

How to Clean a Blackstone Griddle Tidyhere Infographic

A Blackstone griddle is a smart investment for outdoor cooking. The flat surface is ideal for cooking everything from burgers to bacon, stir-fry and more. Often, the grilled foods will leave behind grease, baked-on remnants and other matter that could make cleaning the griddle a major chore.

This type of griddle is made out of rolled steel, which should be seasoned for optimized longevity. It is prone to rusting, flaking and chipping. In addition, its non-stick properties could fade, so proper cleaning steps are essential.

What Is the Best Way to Clean a Blackstone Griddle?

You do not need to invest in special products to clean a Blackstone griddle. In fact, the best way to clean the griddle is with soap and water. You can clean it with other dishes that you hand wash after preparing meals. If you have a larger Blackstone griddle, use a clean bucket filled with hot, soapy water.

How Often to Clean a Blackstone Griddle

Before you learn how to clean a Blackstone griddle, it is helpful to know how often the task needs to be done. Each time you use the griddle, food remnants and grease or oil can remain on the griddle. As they sit on the griddle overnight, these remnants can harden. If this happens, they are more difficult to clean.

How to Clean a Blackstone Griddle Tidyhere  Image of a Thick Juicy Minced Beef Patty for a Traditional Burger Grilling on a Griddle

In addition, failing to clean the griddle as needed can result in rust. The best time to clean a Blackstone griddle is immediately after using it. In addition to preventing rust, cleaning the griddle after each use ensures that it is ready to use again as desired.

How Should I Clean a Griddle After Using It?

Cleaning your Blackstone griddle after each use may sound like a time-consuming, messy task at the outset, but it is a simple process with only a few steps.

Before getting started, take a moment to gather the necessary supplies. You will need heat-resistant gloves, a scraper and a clean sponge. Additional essentials are paper towels or a microfiber cloth, griddle conditioner or cooking oil and hot water.

How to Clean a Blackstone Griddle

While you should clean a Blackstone griddle soon after each use, you should allow enough time for it to cool down. You can use heat-resistant gloves to move the griddle to the sink, but you do not want to clean the griddle with your gloves on.

✨ When the griddle is in the sink, use a spatula or scraper to remove baked-on food.
✨ Wipe the griddle with a dish rag or a paper towel.
✨ If food remains stuck to the griddle, run hot water over the grille while you scrape it.
✨ Using a scouring pad, scrub the griddle until it is clean. Rinse it with clean water after it is clean.
✨ Use a clean cloth to dry the griddle.
✨ Season the grille following the steps below.

Check out this video from Blackstone Griddles to see how you can clean and prep your griddle for your next cooking session.

How to Season a Blackstone Griddle

To season a Blackstone griddle, you can use Blackstone’s conditioner or cooking spray. Follow the instructions on the product’s label. You can also use natural oils in your pantry, such as vegetable oil, olive oil, flax oil or canola oil. After following the cleaning steps, coat the griddle with the oil. Then, wipe the excess oil off the griddle using a paper towel.

How to Restore a Rusted Griddle

The combination of water, air and steel produce rust. In high-humidity climates as well as if the griddle remains wet for too long, rust will be problematic. If your Blackstone griddle is rusted, gather a metal scraper, cooking oil, grill stones, heat-resistant gloves and paper towels.

✨ Heat the griddle as hot as possible while wearing the heat-resistant gloves.
✨ While the griddle is hot, scrape off the rust with a metal scraper. Avoid using water for this step.
✨ Apply a few tablespoons of cooking oil to the Blackstone griddle’s surface. Using the stones, scrub the entire surface of the griddle.
✨ Wipe the grille with a paper towel to pull off the extra oil and rust remnants.
✨ Pour a few more drops of cooking oil on the griddle, and wipe it with another paper towel.
✨ If you notice more rust at this time, repeat steps two through five again.
✨ When the rust and rust remnants are gone, wipe the griddle down one more time with a paper towel.
✨ Store the griddle in a dry area. If you live in a humid climate, cover it while it is stored.


How to Clean a Blackstone Griddle Tidyhere  Image of Asparagus, Courgettes, Paprika and Corn Cooked on a Hot Griddle

How can I clean a new griddle before using it?

Before using the Blackstone griddle for the first time, it should be cleaned. This will remove the debris that may have collected on it during manufacturing and shipping. To clean it, use hot, soapy water. With a clean cloth, scrub the griddle with the soapy water. Then, wipe the griddle dry with a few paper towels. The griddle should be completely dry before it is stored to prevent rusting.

Can you use Dawn dish soap on a Blackstone griddle?

Yes, you can use Dawn dish soap on a Blackstone griddle. Dawn dish soap is a mild and effective detergent that is commonly used for cleaning kitchen surfaces, including griddles. When mixed with warm water, Dawn can help break down grease and stubborn food residues on the griddle surface.

Can you use vinegar to clean a Blackstone?

Vinegar can be used to clean a Blackstone. Follow the same instructions as the hot water method. Add hot water and vinegar together for the cleaning process. Ensure that the griddle is then thoroughly rinsed so that the vinegar does not affect food flavors.

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