Who has time to keep up with all the work that needs to be done around the house? If you feel like you need an extra pair of hands to help out, then try TidyHere’s professional housekeeping services.

We can provide housecleaning assistance on a weekly basis, as well as fortnightly and monthly. How often you need us to come and work for you will depend on how busy your household is and how many people live there. We are happy to accommodate your schedule and come as we are needed, customizing the cleaning plan to fit your needs.

What Kind of Housekeeping Services Do We Offer?

Here are the professional house cleaning services we provide:

  • Dusting- We get rid of dust in your home to make the air more breathable and to beautify your home. We can dust all hard surfaces, including ceiling fans, shelves, countertops, furniture, blinds, and more. We can dust in even those hard to reach places that you might not be able to get to on your own, cleaning cobwebs out of the corners and making your home look bright and clean from top to bottom.
  • Vacuuming- We vacuum soft surfaces like cushions, carpets, rugs, mats, and sofas. We can also vacuum hard floors and get rid of crumbs, dust, dirt, insect droppings, and other particles in your home that contribute to allergens and untidiness. We can move the furniture around as needed to vacuum thoroughly throughout your home.
  • Mopping- When we mop, we use gentle cleaning solutions that are completely safe and environmentally friendly but also very effective. We mop all the hard floors for you to make them really shine.
  • Wiping Down- We’ll clean baseboards, sinks, faucets, mirrors, countertops and other hard surfaces that are in need of a good cleaning. We can get rid of stuck on grime and reduce the amount of germs in in your home. We can wipe down in the kitchen as well, cleaning off backsplashes, appliances, cooking stations, the stovetop and more.
  • Sanitizing- We don’t just beautify; we also get rid of bacteria in your home by wiping down doorknobs, toilets, countertops, faucets and other areas you are prone to touching or where germs may be present. We use effective sanitizing solutions that kill germs on contact and reduce bacteria and pathogens to make your home a safer place.
  • Tidying Up- We can also remove trash in the home, straighten furniture and rugs, organize your belongings, and make your home look inviting and tidy.

Housekeeping or Deep Cleaning?

There are other services we offer as a cleaning company that may fall under the category of deep cleaning. Let us know exactly what kind of cleaning services you are wanting so that there is no confusion. We don’t want you to assume you are receiving a cleaning service and then be disappointed that you didn’t when we are finished.

We can always add cleaning services the next time we come, if you let us know what you would like. We can customize cleaning plans for you so that you can receive the services you require, and we are glad to work with you on a cleaning plan or to set up a cleaning schedule.

We are looking forward to hearing from you and helping you keep your home looking beautiful.

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