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Recurring Cleaning

We can come and clean for you as often as you need. Many of our clients ask us to clean on a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly basis. Routine cleaning keeps your home looking beautiful and spotless all the time, and that’s going to reduce your stress levels, make your home safer, and give you a lot less work to do. If you’re ready to hand over house cleaning duties to the professionals at TidyHere, give us a call.

Scheduled Cleaning

We’ll be happy to work with your schedule and find a time that is suitable for you. You can schedule cleaning with our company whenever it works best and is convenient for you. TidyHere operates with flexible hours to accommodate our customers.

We can come as frequently as you need, and we know each customer’s cleaning requirements is different. Not everyone needs the same cleaning services or needs the same frequency of cleaning. If you live alone for example, you may only need us to come once or twice a month. A household of three or four people, on the other hand, may need a weekly cleaning to stay on top of the house chores and keep their home looking tidy.

If you have a busy home, you’ll need more frequent cleaning. If you have guests over regularly or there is a lot of activity that happens in your home, then we recommend a weekly cleaning for you. If you tend to do some of the house cleaning yourself and only need a little help, you may benefit from the fortnightly or monthly cleaning instead. You may not be inclined to leave all the housework for us to do, but it can definitely help to let us take some of the load off of you and allow us to handle a portion of household chores.

Cancel Anytime

At TidyHere, we are all about customer convenience and satisfaction. There’s no contract for you to sign ever when it comes to recurring cleaning services. Whenever you need to cancel, just let us know. We’ve taken the hassle out of home cleaning, making it really easy for you to get the services you need and to keep your home looking beautiful.

You can also call us for emergency cleaning, same day cleaning, and other cleaning services outside the regularly scheduled recurring cleaning. You don’t have to feel like you need to keep to the schedule that’s been set if you have an urgent need. We are happy to work with you and accommodate your schedule as much as possible.

Why Have Recurring Cleaning Done?

We recommend regular cleaning services for many households because it takes a lot of the stress out of their life. They don’t have to worry if the household chores are being kept up with, as we’re taking care of what needs to be done. This also makes for a cleaner and safer environment to live in, as it greatly reduces allergens, irritants, contaminants, bacteria, and other particles in the home that you don’t want there.

By having regular cleaning done, that makes it hard for pests to make your home their home. Scheduling cleaning on a regular basis will greatly improve your home air quality and lead to a healthier life for you and your family. Contact us today to schedule recurring cleaning for your home.

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