How to Clean Dyson Filter

How to Clean Dyson Filter

How to Clean Dyson Filter Tidyhere Infographic

Dyson vacuums are widely known for their quality as well as their overall excellent performance over many years. After investing in a Dyson vacuum for your home, you understandably want to get the most out of your purchase.

While you may pull out your Dyson for weekly vacuuming as well as for as-needed floor cleaning jobs, you may not think about cleaning the Dyson. However, when your Dyson vacuum’s filters are dirty, the vacuum is far less effective at doing its important job.

Cleaning the filter is relatively easy to do, but you need to know how to clean the Dyson filter the right way.

How Often Should You Wash Dyson Filters?

The recommended frequency for cleaning the filter of a Dyson vacuum depends on how frequently and heavily you use it.

Each time you vacuum, the filter will collect more debris. With routine, weekly cleaning sessions of a mid-sized home, the filters should be cleaned monthly. However, the more you vacuum, the more frequently the filters require your full attention.

Dirty filters impair the ability of the vacuum to extract dirt from the floor. In addition, dirty filters can cause the motor to run hotter and can ultimately lead to the motor burning out prematurely.

Step-by-step Guide on How to Clean Your Vacuum Filter

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The specific steps to clean a Dyson vacuum filter vary based on the model that you own. What are the general steps to clean your vacuum cleaner’s filter?

✨ Before cleaning any parts, unplug the vacuum cord from the wall or remove the vacuum from the charging port.
✨ Your vacuum may have a pre-filter. This filter has a cone shape and is usually found at the top of the cyclone assembly. Use a screwdriver or flat knife to dislodge the catches that keep the filter in place. Once you have loosened the catches, pull out the holder.
✨ You will find a post filter. This should be removed for cleaning. Gently knock the post filter against the inside of a trash bag. This will dislodge loose dirt and dust. Then, run the post filter under cool, clean water. If the debris is trapped in the filter’s holes, use a small brush to thoroughly clean the post filter.
✨ Once the post filter is clean, focus on the paper filter. Allow tap water to flow over the outside of the filter. Shake the loose debris out while also tapping on the outer surface. Then, use both hands to squeeze and twist the Dyson’s paper filter.
✨ Keep in mind that you can use vinegar to clean the post-filter and paper filter. However, you should never use laundry or dish detergent.
✨ The filters should be completely dry before they are returned to the vacuum for the next use. If you install wet filters in the vacuum, the motor may short-circuit. In some cases, this can completely destroy the vacuum. You may air dry these components over several days. Placing them in direct sunlight or near a fan can speed up the process. Do not use an open flame, a clothes dryer or a microwave to dry these parts of your vacuum.
✨ Once the parts are completely dry, you can place the paper filter into the assembly. By pressing the parts together, the catches will lock. Simply turn the assembly head to tighten it in place.
✨ The final step is to replace the post filter. Insert it on the vacuum, and rotate it clockwise. When the black dot is aligned with the vacuum’s open circle, it is locked in place.

Be aware that these are general instructions only. You should carefully read your Dyson vacuum’s owner’s manual before attempting to remove filters and other parts. In addition, the cleaning instructions may be different for some models, including the proper way to clean the filter. Also, some Dyson vacuums only have one filter while others have two.

Here’s a Quick Guide on How You Can Clean Your Dyson V8™ Cordless Vacuum’s Filter

When to Replace Your Dyson Filter

Cleaning your Dyson filter regularly will improve the efficiency and capabilities of the vacuum. It can help you get the most life out of your machine and may help you to enjoy a cleaner home. While the filter of your Dyson vacuum should be cleaned once a month, the filter will need to be replaced from time to time. Generally, plan to replace your Dyson’s filter annually.

While keeping your home clean with dusting, scrubbing, mopping and other chores takes time and energy, maintaining cleaning equipment like a Dyson vacuum only adds to your list of chores. The good news is that you do not need to spend your personal and energy cleaning to enjoy the benefits of a thoroughly clean home. To learn more about Tidyhere’s maid service in Boston, contact our friendly team today.