Guide on How to Easily Remove Dog Poop from Carpet

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Guide on How to Easily Remove Dog Poop from Carpet

If you have a dog, there is a solid chance that you will have to deal with poop on the carpet at least a few times over the years. After all, even well-behaved, housetrained dogs can have accidents if they are left indoors for too long or if they get sick. Older dogs may also be more prone to having accidents.

Dog feces do more than create an unsightly, smelly mess on your floor. They can lead to stains and even permanent carpet damage in some cases. The best time to tackle a poop issue on your carpet is as soon as possible. Using the right techniques can make the cleaning project faster, easier and more productive. What should you do to remove dog poop from your carpet?

Remove the Poop

Before you think about how you will pick up the bulk of the poop, you should consider wearing gloves. This can help you to avoid spreading germs and getting stinky hands during the cleaning process. Rather than using toilet paper or a paper towel to pick up the poop, use a broom and dust pan to sweep the debris if it is firm. A spatula can also be used as an alternative.

Using one of these tools to remove the poop will make the rest of the cleanup project easier. This is because when you manually pick up poop with a paper towel or toilet paper, you risk pressing the poop deeper into the carpet. This could lead to carpet stains and odors that are tougher to remove.

Make Your Cleaning Solution

There are a number of pet stain and odor removal products that you can use, but many people do not have one of these products readily available at a moment’s notice. The last thing that you should do is let the stain sit in place while you wait to get your hands on a cleaning product.

The good news is that there is a homemade cleaning solution that is safe for the carpet and highly effective. Your homemade cleaning solution will include a tablespoon of liquid, bleach-free dishwashing soap and a tablespoon of white vinegar.

Combine these ingredients with two cups of cool water. Pour this mixture into a spray bottle. Lightly mist the stained area of the carpet with your homemade solution. After 10 minutes, blot the remaining moisture up using a clean paper towel. You may be inclined to scrub the stain, but this should be avoided. Scrubbing the dirty area likely will push any poop remnants deeper into the carpet’s fibers. Depending on how soiled the carpet is, you may need to repeat this process multiple times. When the paper towel that you use to blot the liquid remains clean, the stain has been removed.

Finish the Job

When you are certain that the stain has been completely removed, your next task is to remove the cleaning solution from the floor. Apply a small amount of cold water to the affected area to rinse away the solution. Using a clean, dry towel, soak up all of the water and remaining cleaning solution. Avoid letting the carpet remain saturated. This could lead to mildew growth underneath the carpet. Mildew can ruin the carpet and pad, and it can spread unhealthy particles and stinky odors throughout the space.

Tackle Tough Odors

The unpleasant and overpowering smell of dog poop could linger in your home even after the carpet stain has been removed. The last thing that you want is for the smell of poop to waft up each time you walk over the spot, and you also do not want houseguests to catch a whiff of such a foul odor. You can tackle tough odors before they become problematic by treating the impacted area immediately.

After the carpet has completely dried, apply baking soda to the floor where the stain was. After at least 10 minutes have elapsed, you can vacuum the powder up. This should deodorize the space by neutralizing odors. If you notice additional smells down the road, simply repeat this process. Avoid using store-bought carpet deodorizers. These usually mask odors for a short time rather than neutralizing the root cause of the issue.

The stains and odors from dog poop may be only some of the major challenges that you face around the house. The reality is that surfaces like tubs, toilets, counters and more may be soiled in other ways from time to time, and removing tough spots on these surfaces requires special methods as well. You and your family deserve to live in a pristine home, and our maids at TidyHere can give you the clean space that you want. You do not have to lift a finger to get a spotless, odor-free and sanitized home. Contact TidyHere today to learn more about our services.