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How to Wash a Weighted Blanket

How to Wash a Weighted Blanket According to Experts Tidyhere Infographic

A weighted blanket can soothe anxiety, alleviate stress and help you sleep better. However, just as is true with other types of bedding, they require regular cleaning. They are exposed to dead skin cells, body oils, sweat, dust mites and more.

Generally, these blankets weigh up to 30 pounds, so laundering them in a washing machine is not possible. Let’s look at how to wash a weighted blanket.

What Is Inside Weighted Blankets?

Weighted blankets are usually made out of heavy materials. These include thick synthetic fibers, cotton and wool.

Inside the layers of material, a weighted blanket is often filled with weighted beads. These are usually made out of plastic, micro-glass or steel. Other types of filling are rice, beans and pebbles. Some blankets don’t have beads, and they are made out of a thick, knitted wool material all the way through.

How Often Should Weighted Blankets Be Washed?

The ideal frequency is based on how often you use your weighted blanket. When it is used nightly, it should be washed every three weeks or sooner if you notice visible dirt or odors.

For infrequent use, you can go three to four months between washes. If the weighted blanket sits on a seldom-used guest bed, it should be washed once or twice a year.

How to Clean and Dry a Weighted Blanket

Before you start cleaning a weighted blanket, check the manufacturer’s care instructions on the label.

The specific recommendations will be based on the blanket’s weight as well as the fabric and bead materials. While some weighted blankets can be cleaned in a washing machine, many require special care.

Can You Wash a Weighted Blanket in the Washing Machine?

After reading the blanket’s label, check to see if the blanket is wrapped in a duvet cover. If so, you can remove the cover and launder it as recommended.

Otherwise, you should only wash a weighted blanket in the washing machine if it weighs no more than five to 10 pounds. If the blanket or duvet is machine washable, use cool water and the gentle cycle. Only use a mild detergent.

Here’s a quick tutorial on how you can easily machine wash your weighted blankets:


🧼 FAQ: How do you wash one of our weighted blankets? It’s really simple! Washing machine: Gentle cycle Dryer: Gentle cycle/low heat (2-3 times, depending on dryer and size of blanket) That’s it! As with any item, limiting the number of washes helps prolong the life and quality of your blanket. But your kid spills milk on it? Wash it! Your dog eats a bone on it? Wash it! You drip wine on it? WASH IT! 🧼 Amazing detergent from a local refill shop! 👉🏼 #careinstructions #howto #howtoclean #chunkyknitblanket #chunkyknitblankets #staycozy #stayclean #staycozycreativeco #faq #frequentlyaskedquestions

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How Do You Wash a Weighted Blanket That Says Hand Wash?

For a heavier weighted blanket that is not labeled as dry-clean only, hand washing it is an option.

Choose a mild, non-bleach detergent. Fill a bathtub with cool water, and add a capful of detergent. Swirl the water to disburse the detergent throughout the tub. Soak the blanket in the soapy water for 30 minutes to an hour.

After this time, drain the soapy water. Inspect the blanket for stains. If you notice stains, scrub them with a clean, soft-bristle brush. Then, rinse the blanket thoroughly. Ensure that all of the soap is gone before drying the blanket.

How to Properly Dry a Weighted Blanket?

To dry the blanket, place it on a drying rack or hang it outside in the sun. This process can take up to 48 hours and requires you to turn the blanket over every three to four hours.

If the material can be dried in a dryer, use the low-heat setting. Every 20 minutes, open the dryer door to fluff the blanket. When using a dryer, the blanket may require one or two cycles.

For a visual guide on how to properly dry your weighted blankets at home, check out this quick tutorial.

How to Keep Your Weighted Blanket Clean Longer?

A smart way to keep a weighted blanket clean longer is to spot clean stains as you notice them.

Generally, you can treat stains with a mild laundry detergent, a mild stain remover and cold water. After applying the stain remover, gently scrub the stain with soapy water and a soft brush.

If your blanket has a urine stain, make a two-to-one solution of soapy water to white vinegar. Then, use a cloth dipped in clean water to wipe away the soapy water. Allow the blanket to air dry before using it.


Can We Wash a Blanket in a 7kg Washing Machine?

A weighted blanket may be washed in the washing machine if the weight is less than 10 pounds. A 7-kilogram, or 15-pound, blanket should not be washed in your washing machine.

How to Get Smell Out of a Weighted Blanket?

If your weighted blanket develops an unpleasant smell between washes, sprinkle baking soda on it. After letting the baking soda sit on the blanket for a few hours, use a handheld vacuum cleaner attachment to remove the powder.

If stains are causing the smell, treat the stains with a mixture of mild detergent, cold water and white vinegar. Gently scrub this solution with a soft brush. When the stains are gone, wipe away the solution with a clean, wet cloth.

How to Wash a Weighted Blanket with Beads?

If your blanket’s beads are rice or beans, your blanket should be dry cleaned or otherwise laundered as recommended by the manufacturer.

If it has a duvet cover, remove the cover and launder it as recommended. Otherwise, a blanket weighing less than 10 pounds may be washed with cold water and a mild detergent unless the manufacturer’s label provides other instructions. An alternative is to hand wash the weighted blanket using cool water and a mild detergent in the bathtub.

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