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Spring Cleaning Tips for 2024

Spring Cleaning Tips for 2024 Tidyhere Infographic Even when you clean your home weekly, your space can grow increasingly dirty over the weeks and months. Weekly home cleaning generally focuses on tasks like dusting, vacuuming and mopping. Cleaning the counters, sinks and tubs also are included in weekly chores.

However, cleaning your appliances, ceiling fans, baseboards and various other areas of the home are not required on a weekly basis.

As a result, these areas do not receive attention weekly. Still, these and other areas still need to be cleaned. Spring cleaning involves cleaning your home from top to bottom as well as organizing your rooms.

Is Spring Cleaning Important?

Spring cleaning is a necessary task to maintain a healthy, sanitary environment in your home. These chores eliminate the buildup of allergens, and they tackle things like mildew, bacteria and more. In addition, they help your home stay cleaner for longer periods of time.

For example, the top of your ceiling fan blades may be coated with dust, and this dust could scatter throughout the room each time you run the fan. When you spring clean your home, this dust is removed.

How Often Should You Spring Clean?

Spring cleaning tips for 2024 tidyhere image of a Woman Carrying Laundry BasketSpring cleaning is typically done during the spring months. Yet, many homes will benefit from semi-annual spring cleaning. Depending on how many people and pets live in your home, you may need to spring clean two or three times each year.

What Should I Do for Spring Cleaning?

Spring cleaning is a top-to-bottom cleaning session that covers every room, closet, cabinet and drawer in the home. Essential tasks include:

  • Cleaning light fixtures and ceiling fan blades
  • Laundering curtains, and wiping down blinds
  • Cleaning windows, sills and window tracks
  • Replacing batteries in your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors
  • Wiping down the walls, trim pieces and baseboards
  • Vacuuming underneath the furniture
  • Disinfecting areas that are frequently touched, such as knobs and light switches
  • Cleaning appliances in the laundry room and kitchen

In addition to taking these steps, each room may require additional steps to thoroughly clean the space.

Spring Cleaning Tips

woman wiping the kitchenBecause spring cleaning is such an in-depth process, you could benefit from a few tips to improve your efficiency and overall results. It’s best to create a cleaning checklist for every room. As you clean, mark the items off to monitor your progress.

Bathroom & Kitchen Area

✨ Clean the inside of the toilet tank with vinegar to prevent bowl staining.
✨ You can use a grout pen to touch up bathroom and kitchen grout.
✨ Launder your shower curtain in the washing machine with vinegar. Plastic liners can go in the washing machine, too. However, allow the plastic liners to air dry.
✨ Submerge your showerheads in a mixture of vinegar and water to remove grime. Fill a plastic bag with the liquid, and wrap the bag around the showerhead. After securing the bag with a rubber band, allow it to sit for an hour. You can then scrub the showerhead with a clean brush.
✨ Clean your bathroom and kitchen cabinets with a microfiber cloth and a spritz of vinegar and water.
✨ Grind up a citrus peel in the garbage disposal to tackle unpleasant sink odors.
✨ For microwave cleaning, heat up a bowl of water with lemon wedges in it. Once the microwave gets steamy, let the moisture remain in the microwave for a few minutes before wiping it down with a clean cloth.
✨ Deep clean your coffee maker and tea kettle using a mixture of vinegar and water.

Bedroom, Living & Common Areas

Spring Cleaning Tips for 2024 Tidyhere Image of a Woman Vacuuming Floors ✨ Before cleaning the ceiling fan blades, lay a bed sheet over the floor. Then, wrap each blade in a pillowcase to capture the dust. Pull the pillowcase toward you to clean the blades.
✨ Dust your blinds with a sock. If your blinds have stains, add some vinegar to the sock before wiping the blinds.
✨ Use the handheld attachment on your vacuum cleaner to dust off the baseboards, windowsills and trim as a first step. Then, clean them by hand using a dryer sheet. This helps to repel dust, so the areas stay clean for longer periods of time.
✨ To clean your houseplants, you can use a duster.
✨ Use vinegar and a microfiber cloth to clean windows, mirrors and other glass surfaces.
✨ Vacuum your mattress. Then, apply baking soda to it, and vacuum it again.
✨ Use a lint roller to dust your lampshades.
✨ After cleaning your trash cans, add a dryer sheet or a thin layer of baking soda at the bottom to prevent odors.
✨ Replace your air filters and dust off the vents at the same time.


How Long Should It Take to Spring Clean a House?

The amount of time required to spring clean a house depends on a few factors. These include the size of the home, the number of people helping and how dirty and disorganized the home is.

Generally, the process may take two to three days. Although, some people take up to a week to complete the tasks.

How Do You Spring Clean Without Getting Overwhelmed?

Cleaning Supplies List Image of a Woman Sweeping the Floor and Cleaning HouseBecause of how in-depth and exhausting it is to spring clean a house, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. It may take several hours or even a full day to thoroughly clean and organize one room, so you may feel as though you’re making little progress despite your hard work.

To avoid feeling overwhelmed, create a checklist of cleaning tasks for each room. Mark off the items one by one. This allows you to see the progress that you’re making.

Can You Spring Clean in One Day?

Spring clean is an in-depth process that covers your entire home from top to bottom. Because it is more thorough than weekly cleaning sessions, many people spend at least a few days spring cleaning their home.

However, if you have help with the work and you have a smaller home, you may be able to cover the tasks over a long day of hard work.

Spring clean is a major task that could take several days to complete on your own. You don’t have to do the hard work yourself, though. With spring cleaning services from Tidyhere, you can take advantage of a thoroughly cleaned home the easy way. To schedule spring cleaning for your home, contact us today.