What Is the Cost of Home Cleaning Services?

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What Is the Cost of Home Cleaning Services?

Even though you can unclutter and organize your home without aid, an ongoing cleaning service is a significant way to save time each week. These professionals have the equipment and knowledge to efficiently yet thoroughly clean your house while you attend to other things in your day.

The average cleaning contractor or cleaning company charges between $130-300 to handle your home. If they charge by the hour, you can expect to pay between $55 to $60 an hour per employee. The price charged will get based on numerous factors such as the size of your home, the number of rooms, how often you need the service, and the level of cleaning.

Flat Rate

Many cleaning companies and independent contractors will select a flat rate of between $125 and $300 a visit, depending on the size of your dwelling, the services you want to get completed, and how often you need assistance. Flat rates are often beneficial because they allow more predictability for budgeting the expense. However, the price can increase if you choose add-on services, like washing windows or scrubbing grout.

Hourly or Isolated Events

When you first bring a cleaning service or independent contractor into your residence or have an isolated event, you may want to try an hourly rate. You may not know how long your household will take to clean, so this method lets you get everything you need. This approach also helps when you have varying needs from cleaning to cleaning or want a deep cleaning service.

The cleaning staff may not know how much work will be necessary until they get started. A one-person job may take $55 to $60 an hour, while a cleaning team may cost anywhere from $120 to $180 an hour, depending on the work you need to get handled.



A weekly cleaning service can cost an average of $100 to $250, depending on the size of your home. It also hinges on factors like your children, pets, and other elements that make your house a bit messier. These may seem costly initially but can become cheaper as you have less to address. The regularity of the help will keep your home in a more pristine state.


Many residences get the best outcomes using biweekly services over weekly or monthly assistance. This aid can cost about $120 to $300 every two weeks, depending on the number of tasks to get completed.


You may not need numerous cleaning visit assistance if you have a small family, a tiny home, or travel often. It is also beneficial if you prefer to clean your own home but want occasional support. These services can cost between $150 and $300 to account for the more in-depth cleaning necessary to bring your household up to date again.

Factors That Influence Cleaning Service Costs

The above information explains the commonness of how you book your cleaning services. But, you will also need to understand the contributing factors that can affect the expenses. Knowing what choices influence your cost helps you pick the best cleaning service in Boston for your household.


The frequency of your cleaning assistance will significantly affect your costs. You can decide if you need a one-time cleaning when your house has less to manage. Or, you can get bi-weekly, or monthly visits depending on the activity and number of occupants in your household.

Size of Space

The size of your residence or the area needing to get cleaned is an influential factor in your cost. Larger homes take more time to address and will extend the time required to neaten each room. You may pay $45 to $100 for the increased hours and additional staff.

Room Type

Some rooms need more attention than others. Areas like kitchens and bathrooms demand intensive sanitation methods you would not have to carry out in other spaces. Because of the varying cleaning times for each room, your price may change depending on where you need help. Your bedroom and living room may cost $35 to $45, while your kitchen or bath is $40 to $80.

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning services often include carpet shampooing, pre- or post-party cleanup, refrigerator cleanout, baseboard cleaning, garage cleaning, and more. These extra duties can raise your costs to $200 and $400 a visit. Getting this done often requires more than one worker, additional time, and increased supplies.

Special Requests

You may have requests unique to your home, such as addressing chandeliers and light fixtures, upholstered furniture, dishwasher interiors, construction cleaning, and other areas. These will involve extra charges because the aid is outside the services that typically get covered. But, every request may not get accommodated and is handled based on the discretion of the independent contractor or cleaning service company.

Independent Operators vs. Cleaning Service Companies

You may question whether an independent contractor or cleaning service company is the best way to go. While making your choice, you should remember that you may carry more responsibilities than a self-employed individual. There can be issues with staff replacements, schedule management, and specialty services that get better handled by a cleaning service organization.

Saving On Cleaning Services

Cleaning services companies may offer discounted rates when you sign up as a new customer or get recurring services. Working with these businesses can cost a bit more than hiring an independent contractor. Yet, these establishments usually get bonded and insured to protect you, your residence, and the safety of their team.

Choose a Reliable Cleaning Service

As you can see, many factors go into the price of cleaning assistance around your household. You will spend less money when tidying your own home. But, a cleaning service in Boston can provide outstanding value and save precious time. Their work in your home lets you spend time doing activities you enjoy.