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How to Clean Washing Machine

While your washing machine is tasked with cleaning your laundry, this important appliance is prone to developing bacterial and mold growth as well as emitting foul odors. Soap scum as well as residue from clothing fibers and fabric softener can also build up and require attention.

In addition, if your home has hard water, mineral deposits are problematic. Periodically cleaning your washing machine is essential for getting cleaner clothes and preventing growths and odors in your laundry.

How Often to Clean a Washing Machine

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Your washing machine requires regular cleaning with your other weekly chores. In addition, deep cleaning every three to four months is recommended. While you need to remove the various grime and particles in your washing machine, you don’t want to damage your appliance or your laundry. Special steps are required to clean a washing machine the right way.

What Is the Best Way to Clean Inside a Washing Machine?

The best cleaning agents for washing the inside of your machine are bleach or white vinegar. White vinegar is an acidic, natural substance that kills bacteria, mold and other growths. Bleach has oxidative properties, so it can also disinfect the interior of your washing machine. Bleach, however, is more effective at cutting through and eliminating unpleasant odors.

How to Clean a Front-Load Washer

How to Clean a Washing Machine How to Clean a Front Loading Washing Machine

Whether you are cleaning a front-load machine or a top-load machine, you need the same cleaning supplies. These are a microfiber cloth, a spray bottle, a toothbrush, baking soda and distilled white vinegar.

In addition, for both types of washing machines, start by cleaning the drain. Remove the drain from the washing machine and the pipe. Let the water drain out in the tub. If you see gunk in the drain, extract it with a snake device. Then, soak the drain for several minutes in undiluted vinegar. If necessary, dip a toothbrush in baking soda, and scrub away tough grime. You may also need to repeat these steps with the drain filter. Rinse the drain and filter before returning them to their places.

To continue cleaning a front-load washing machine, pour equal parts of vinegar and water in a spray bottle. Spray the entire drum with the solution, and thoroughly wipe down the interior of the washing machine with a clean microfiber cloth. Tackle the gaskets and seals, and remove all mildew, lint, hair and other grime that you find.

For a more thorough cleaning, add a cup of white vinegar and a few droplets of your favorite essential oil to the washing machine. Run a cycle using the hottest setting possible. As an alternative to vinegar, you can clean the washing machine with a combination of two cups of borax and two cups of baking soda.

How to Clean a Top-Loading Washing Machine

How to Clean a Washing Machine How to Clean a Top Loading Washing Machine

If you have a top-loading washing machine, pour four cups of white vinegar into the drum. Start a cycle using the hottest water setting available. Once the drum is full of water, pause the cycle. Let the water and vinegar sit in the washing machine for an hour before finishing the cycle. After this step, run another cycle on the hottest setting possible with a cup of baking soda.

Extra Tips to Maintain a Clean Washing Machine

After following these deep cleaning steps as well as after your regular laundry cleaning sessions, dry the washing machine thoroughly. Avoid letting it remain damp. In between cleaning sessions, you can add a few tablespoons of baking soda in with your laundry detergent from time to time to clean your clothes. Another idea is to choose vinegar rather than fabric softener with your laundry.


How Can I Deep Clean My Washing Machine?

Using vinegar or bleach to deep clean your washing machine is usually effective at cutting through smells, mildew, bacteria and soap scum.

However, if your washing machine continues to be dirty and smelly, you can do a monthly cleaning session with Affresh. This is a drop-in tablet that includes sodium carbonate and bleach. When you run the washing machine with Affresh, the product will bubble up and reach all of the washing machine’s crevices that you may not be able to reach.

Here’s another step by step guide on how to deep clean your entire machine inside out:


Here’s 5 steps on how to deep clean your front load washing machine. This took less than 30 minutes! I used white vinegar to clean the washing machine because it helps prevent soap scum build up, eliminates odour, mold and mildew. I also use baking soda in the drum as a mild abrasive to deep clean and deodorize the machine. If you have a front loader, be sure to clean your gaskets. To prevent mold growing, we always leave the door open to air dry after laundry days! Happy spring cleaning! (I started three months ago and my list doesn’t seem to end 🥲) Story fam taught me to use a cookie tray to catch all the dirty water from my washer. Genius. #springcleaning #washingmachine #cleaningmotivation #cleanwithme

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What Makes a Washing Machine Smelly and How to Clean a Smelly Washing Machine?

In many cases, a washing machine smells bad because of mildew growth. You can choose between bleach or vinegar to clean a stinky washing machine. For the best results, saturate the interior of the drum with your preferred cleaning agent, and use a toothbrush or microfiber cloth to wipe down the entire drum as well as the gaskets and seals.

Is Bleach or Vinegar Better to Clean a Washing Machine?

Bleach and vinegar can both be used to clean a washing machine. The acidic nature of vinegar and the oxidative properties of bleach make them excellent at combating various types of growth that are common in washing machines. Bleach, however, has an edge as it is most effective at eliminating bad odors.

Your washing machine is just one of several major appliances that require regular cleaning. Staying on top of these important chores is essential for your health as well as for your appliances’ performance and longevity. When you need help around the house, our team at TidyHere is ready to step in. Learn about our professional cleaning services Boston and set up service for your home by contacting our team today.